A little about me and how i became DADDY’S LIL PRINCESS.

A few months ago i met my daddy online, which at the time i was not looking  for a daddy and  or to be a lil cause i did not know i had a LIL side.  As soon i met my daddy  i knew he was the one for me. I could just see he needed someone to take care of him and be good to him. Just as much as i did. i could see how caring and loving he could be. The LIL did not come out for a few weeks after we got together. who had no clue of  what was coming  of out relationship as far a daddy side for him and a LIL side for me. I never had a lil side before with any one else. I have a DD (domestic discipline ) relationship before and i was look to maybe try to have another one with my new daddy.  I am the one who told him about  the life style. I love the 1950 house wives life  where the women take care of the house and kids and the man works. i believe it make a relationship better to have a HOH (head of household) which is my daddy. He is my world and so much more. he makes me the happiest i have ever been.  in saying my daddy does punish me when i am bad. i have rules i have to follow if i get spanked or corner time,  i get whatever  punishment daddy see fit for the bad thing i did wrong. daddy does not like doing it but he knows it for my own good and i also know it is for my own good. i love him more and more everyday.







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