1. Daddy has final say on any and all decisions

2. Always let the HoH know where you are and who you are with. Have permission before leaving the house.
3. Answer your phone whenever the HoH contacts you
4. Ask before making plans (full details of everything)
5. Assure HoH’s house and yours are always clean no stashing items in closets or hiding from view
6. make sure the kids  safety is to be met at all time which means no speeding left unattended etc
7. Be honest
8. Be obedient
9. Internet usage is limited to 4hrs at a time must take two hour break after no fb or any other apps on phone
10. Be respectful
11. Bed time at a certain time (between 10 and 11:30 seem popular)/get enough rest/sleep eight hours a day
12. All rules will be strictly enforced breaking certain rules continuiously will lead to harsher punishments
13 .All punishments will be enforced as soon as hoh is able to arrange the time to do so
14. Discuss but don’t argue
15. Do as you’re told and no questioning (unless you have reason to think it will harm you and then be respectful) (no whining, about rules/punishment/, no arguing). You are allowed to state my opinion but in a calm, mature manner
16. Do everything with a smile and pleasant attitude.
17. Do not abuse substances (don’t drink/ drink too much/ without HoH knowing who and where/ without permission/ without HoH, no smoking,)
18. Amount of punishment for breaking any rules will be determined by hoh
19. Do not raise your voice to daddy
20. Do not roll eyes, stick tongue out, or say ‘whatever’go fuck yourself in response to anything
21. Do not say no. Especially to sex.
22. Daddy will take care of his babygirls needs to the best of his ability
23. Do not withhold important information from your daddy
24. All sexual needs of daddy will be taken care of by babygirl to the best of her abilitys
25. Follow all of the rules
26. It is babygirls responsiblity to make sure the household is taken care of food,tolietrys,laundry etc
27. Good behavior in public – do not say or do anything away from each other that is not acceptable if you are together
28. If babygirl has any question on any rule or doesnt understand it ask daddy will cut down on punishment for not knowing
29. Hold daddy in the highest regard.
30. Daddy has the right to revise or update these rules as he sees fit
31. If you have a problem, share it with daddy and then let it go. Trust your daddy to guide you.
32. Keep a positive attitude.
33. major decisions will be made together but daddy has the final say on all decisions
34. Listen and pay attention
35. Make HoH and childrens happiness your first priority
36. Any items needed for the household babygirl needs to tell daddy so he knows what moneys are spent
37. Daddy has the right to punish the children as he sees fit in tell baby girl how to do it as in (time out, no t.v, take toys always, no going to the park,)
38. Daddy has the right to take away items from babygirl such as internet,tv etc as he sees fit as punishment
39. No spending any money without hoh approval
40. No throwing things
41. No yelling
42. No locking hoh out of house, bedroom,bathroom etc
43. If daddy tells you to wear lingerie to please him u do so without hesitation
44. Obey direct commands
45. Obey verbal and non verbal commands without hesitation.
46. asks before leaving the house
47. Our communications online or in person with others are transparent meaning that we communicate things so there are no surprises – it doesn’t mean HoH reads all you emails. No hiding emails, Facebook, etc
48. if daddy feels the need to look at emails texts ims etc he may babygirl may do the same
49. you will do as your told at all times
50. Report failures to adhere to rules in a timely manner
51. Report when sick
52. Say yes daddy, no daddy and please sir at specified times/when alone, in a respectful tone, and when responding to orders
53. no going to ex boyfriends houses fuck buddies etc if u wish to daddy will accompany
54. Show respect
55. Never hang up while on the phone with hoh
56. Submit to corporal punishment when you misbehave
57. Take all medication on time which means taking your iron and multi vitamin
58. no taking any presciption other than multi vitamin or iron unless approved through hoh
59. Take care of personal daily needs shaving maintenence on private areas etc
60. Tell the full truth no little white lies do something, do it immediately without whining or complaining.
61. Babygirl will discipline children as daddy does when hes not home
62. Do not attempt to make any decisions without hoh approval
63. babygirl will let daddy know of any concerns she might have about anything that might make her sad or stressed
64. No nude or revealing pics are to be sent to anyone but hoh
65. No sexting to anyone other than hoh
66. if your gonna be late getting home for any reason you must let hoh know why and has to be approved
67. daddy will handle all maintenance around the house,cars etc
68. bob will not be used any at all while daddy is home to take care of babygirl sexually
69. if babygirl is horny in any way she needs to let her daddy know asap so he can take care of her needs
70. babygirl will never say she forgot who her daddy is
71. No overnight guest without hoh approval

1.verbally scorning
2.Spanking with the hand
3.spanking with the brush
4.spanking with the paddle
5.spanking with the belt
7.taking away internet phone tv etc.
8.corner time
9.heating pad
10.forcefully taking the cookie and not allowing babygirl to watch/or made to suck on daddys cock to show shes sorry sauce or soap
12.made to sleep naked in bed at bedtime
13.making babygirl pleasure herself in front of daddy with her blindfolded so she cant see
14.intense sessions that may involve any of the above during the session
15.silence babygirl will not be allowed to talk for a certain amount of time
16. these punishments are to be used as daddy sees fit depending on the number of time certain rules are broken

 ***They are subject to change as daddy see fit**



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  1. My question is how am I supposed to trust my daddy and believe that his best interest is in order when we have been together 4 months just the 2 of us or so I thought and until August he was still doing things online with other ppl


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