Mondays or Tuesdays!

Mondays or Tuesdays of some weeks are really hard cause it when daddy leave leave to go back on the truck for a long week away from home. It always make me sad to see him go and i miss him each an every day that he is worries me when daddy is not home with his baby girl. but Im always happy to see daddy when he comes home safe. when he is home it mean i have some one to take baths with me and to cuddle with at night. and just do fun stuff with and some weekends i get spanked when he comes home if i was not  a good girl while he was gone. most of the it my Big mouth or me not listen to him  or acting like a brat! that get me the spanking. but i know daddy loves me and miss me while he is gone to.  we always make the best of the weekends when he is home no matter how long it is. when daddy is gone on the road, We talk everyday and every min we can and some time Skype to if we can get it to work right most night it wont. which makes me sad cause i love to see daddy while he is always it makes my day. i love you daddy you got my hear and soul and i cant wait to get marred to you. i miss you every day your not home.

life is good when daddy is home 🙂

this is what it look like when daddy leave……






Me when Daddy comes home………. 🙂



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