I WILL TELL YOU WHY I DO.  I dont know if its a turn on for me so much i’m still trying to let my baby-girl side out. but  I enjoy the physical and emotional aspects both. Being cuddled and cared for and spanked  just knowing I’m loved by daddy.  Its my security. I’m protected and guided by him. It’s  just simply who I am being a lil baby girl. I am her 24/7. I may not act immature constantly because I AM an adult with real world responsibilities, but the lil baby girl in me is always present just seeking opportunities to express herself when daddy is around.  There is a special safe place to be in the arms of Daddy that makes her world safe and she feels protected from everything . The relationship is in a world of its own in comparison to some other structured/negotiated relationships other have.

The physical components of Daddy/baby-girl can be a turn on; like the little things Daddy does with/for her, or she does with/for Him. For me, i am turned on by everything Daddy/baby-girl  in my “little” world.  but the total security, the unconditional love felt when i am a baby-girl, it’s hard to explain. if i just want to curl up in His lap and listen to the steady rhythm of His heart i do. I dont get to be little very often, with being a mom of 2 and a housewife,  so when i get to feel that 100% security, i latch onto it with both hands and hang on as long as daddy lets me.

The best thing about having a Daddy is to have someone who cares about every little thing in your life , they guide you,praise you,laugh with you  cry with you ,play with you , reward you,punish you,are happy when your happy & sad when your sad ……brush your hair ,tuck you in, the list can go on & on. and that’s why i have a DADDY.

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