what is a baby girl wants and needs

What a baby-girl wants and needs are different for everyone. but a daddy must understand what she wants and needs to be a good daddy. we all want to be love and care for in many ways. all i want is for my daddy is to love me for who i am. I  need my daddy to protected me and let just be who I really am which is baby-girl. A daddy must let his baby girl be her self and  make her happy all the time. (i love my daddy )

what this baby girl wants from her daddy (i get most of the time from him)

this  my list that may help you see some of the thing your baby girl may want.

  • daddy to hold her
  • for daddy to take of care of her wants and needs
  • for daddy to love her
  • to treat her like a princess
  • to cuddle with her
  • to give her baths
  •  for daddy to spank baby girl when is bad
  • to set rules she can follow
  • to be spoiled by daddy
  • to be called his
  • daddy who is strict but who also has gently hands
  •  a daddy who take her to built- a-bear
  •  daddy can always be counted on
  • daddy who rub her back and feet (when he feel like it think she has been good
  • to support her in all she does


He takes the time to know his baby girl’s wants and needs. He does not make her feel like she should not contact him. He wants to keep as close to his baby girl as they are possible. He wants to know where she is, how she is feeling, if she has concerns. He knows he cannot have all the answers, but he also knows he will always have the strong shoulder to lean on.




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