Yes,I get spanked by my daddy. and yes, I consent to it. Because i need it & want it.  because sometimes i am emotionally needy and i need my daddy’s helps… I’m the one who ask daddy to have this kind of lifestyle, he agreed to it.  It holds me accountable for my acting out and being bad. The spanking helps me to not feel guilt about acting out. after the spanking is done. daddy holds me and tells me how much he loves me and just wants whats best for me.  Yes sometimes i do hate it when daddy does it. but i somehow feel better afterwards my attitude seems to get better. I get some kind of release that i cant get anywhere but from being at Daddy’s hands.  I have come to realize that i feel better and i act better for Daddy.  And that makes Daddy really happy. and it makes babygirl smile knowing that daddy is happy with her.  but don’t get me wrong i do hate when it happens. At the same time when its over and done. I know all is forgiven and daddy moves on, he is happy again with baby-girl. I am dedicated to him and he is to me.

I love him and he loves me more then words can say.  Our life together can only get better by having  him take the lead in our household. I hope one day to be called his wife.

fkffkjf          yess     go



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