I am  in a dd (Domestic discipline) relationship with my daddy 🙂 he is hoh ( HEAD OF HOUSE)  i like older men. i’m 22 and my DADDY IS 37. i love to be wild and have fun. i guess you can call me a BRAT & a DADDY GIRL.My emotions are over the top some time. Im sarcastic, sassy, and energetic. cute all at the same time. I am totally random, and will say things to make you turn red.I love being outside and muddling in my jeep I can play video games for hours on end. And of course SHOPPING .Oh, be warned. I will use my cuteness to get out of trouble. I believe  life is  improved by rules and structure and that’s just what my daddy give me. if not then i get punished for being bad. but i know its for my own good and i know its cause i love him and he loves me.


I am very much a LIL at heart.Oh, be warned. I will use my cuteness to get out of trouble.  but its never seem to work on daddy, but i still try. Also you should be warned that my ‘lil’ side can and will come out at completely random. basically you never know what your gonna get with me, a bratty two year old or a sarcastic TEEN lol. I love my stuffed bunny, monkeys. I love being care-free and fun-spirited around my daddy and I love to lounge around my PJ. I AM VERY spoiled.  Presently I am very lucky to not have to work  i live a 1950’s lifestyle i guess you would say. I like purples. Im easily distract-able by shiny things, I’m a very naughty girl that isn’t very good at being good but I am devoted to my Daddy no matter what, Anything else you wanna know, just ask!

I love bubles ♥ coloring ♥  cuddles  with my daddy ♥ playing with rubber duckies ♥ i love my stuffed animals ♥ playing around with daddy♥ watching movies








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